For the Home

Plants can transform a room, both in form and function. They not only add color and life, they clean, purify, and even humidify the air. Plantlink is your virtual assistant, making it easy for anyone to take care of a plant. No more wilted leaves from over or under watering. You can grow it, and PlantLink can help.

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When it comes to house plants, I was bonafide a serial killer,but not any more.

— Peter, New Plant Daddy

For the Garden

Ask any gardener how they grew those prize flowers or the perfect tomato and they’ll tell you it’s about being in the garden listening to their plants. Unfortunately not everyone can spend everyday in the garden, but PlantLink can. By remotely monitoring when your plants need water, you can ensure the optimal growing conditions meaning healthier plants and more fruits and vegetables come harvest.

Put down the farmers almanac. PlantLink makes each visit to the garden purposeful, keeping your focus on the joy (not the toils) of gardening.

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I just want some reassurance because there are a lot of unknowns for me.

— Laura, Optimistic Gardener

For the Backyard / Landscaper

A beautiful lawn is more than grass, it’s an investment, a recreational space, not to mention the hairdo around your house. Keeping grass green is a perennial challenge, even with expensive irrigation systems, it can be hard to account for microclimates, watersheds, and the unexpected Spring shower. By integrating PlantLink into your backyard, you’ll finally know when and where to water. You can even monitor your kids! Just kidding. It just does plants.

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I was dumb watering, now I'm smart watering.

— Scott, Lawn Care Enthusiast