Coming Soon PlantLink Lush

PlantLink Lush: Link, Valve, and Basestation

PlantLink Lush is our most advanced PlantLink yet. A new and improved link pairs with our automatic valve to water your plants on demand. Going on vacation? or just too busy? there is no need to worry about watering. The valve will listen to the sensor, and water as needed. The user can monitor plants and valve remotely via the free Android or iOS App.

A free app

Download the new ios or android app. With the app you can monitor all your plants at a glance and see when your automatic valve is watering next.

Valve control

Need to water on a specific schedule? Specify days of the week and watering durations for each of your PlantLink Valves.

Save your plants

PlantLink’s watering schedules take the guesswork out of the watering process.

Conserve water

PlantLink™ will prevent you from over or underwatering your plants and also helps to reduce your water expenditure.

Remote monitoring

Check on your plants anytime, anywhere, via smart phone, tablet, or computer

Custom alerts

Specify your preferred time of day to receive watering alerts via email, SMS, or push notifications.

Simple to install

Set up in less than Set up in less than 5 minutes using our easy-to-follow setup on


Each Basestation can support up to 64 Link or Valves to meet your growing needs.

Plant-specific algorithms

Different plants have different watering needs; our system take this into account and creates the perfect watering schedule for you.

Long battery life

Batteries included, Link batteries will last over a season of growing. The valve recharges in full sunlight using its onboard solar panel.