Give your plants a voice.

An even easier way to grow your own healthy, hearty plants.


How It Works

Water Today!

This is our PlantLink Sensor.

It’s a soil moisture sensor that works with any plant type.
Give it a nickname (Herb garden "Hazel the Basil").
Identify plant type (Basil - Ocimum basilicum).
Place the Sensor in the soil.
That’s it.

Water Today!

Think of PlantLink as a foreign language translator

Next time your plant needs water, it will tell you!

Tell your plant how to reach you (push, email, text) and we’ll send you a watering reminder when it’s most convenient for you. This means you water precisely when your plant needs it.

Not around to water your plants? The PlantLink valve has you covered.

PlantLink Sensors can notify the PlantLink Valve to automatically water "Hazel the Basil" and all her friends. Installing the valve is easy—simply attach to a standard spigot or hose end and you’re ready to water.

I wet the garden bed.

What makes the PlantLink Valve so smart?

It listens to the Sensor and also checks local weather before automatically watering. Users can also create their own watering schedules (M,W,F) or manually water from the app. The Valve works best when paired with a Sensor, but doesn’t need one to function.

This is our PlantLink Smart Plant Care System

Use our system of Sensors and Valves to hear from your symphony of plants and attend to their individual needs, indoors or out. Lawns? Gardens? Indoor Plants? We’ve got you covered.

Welcome to the connected plant world.

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For the Garden
For the Landscaper

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